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Entering the Chinese Market – Challenges and Resolutions


When you digitally enter the Chinese market you will come across many challenges. These challenges can only be overcome through a carefully strategized localization solution. At Mars Translation we are here to provide to expert localization solutions by native professionals. This blog will guide you step by step regarding each challenge that you face and how Mars Translation will solve them through its complete localization solution.

Challenge: English language is not applicable in China

One of the major problems you will face while digitally entering the market is the language barrier. Your English website will fail to engage audience which is why your business will not flourish in the Chinese environment.

Resolution: Website Translation

Website translation can be a long and tedious task but we take away all the hard work from you so you can concentrate on your core tasks. MarsTranslation offers a complete and professional website translation solution. Your website will be translated by native and industry specific professionals. You can expect fast, accurate and quality driven content from our translators.

Challenge: Making your mark in the Chinese digital world

The Chinese market is a gigantic place. No matter how innovative or groundbreaking idea your business introduces to this market, it will not have more prominence than a dot. Making an impact and that too without emptying your bank account can seem overwhelming but the truth is that many  businesses have been successfully penetrated this market and so can you.

Resolution: Localized digital presence

With 751 million online users in China, the most cost effective solution for this problem is to localize your business website and set up accounts on Chinese social media such as WeChat, YouKu and Weibo.  Online presence will give you a chance to learn about your competition and experiment new strategies. Digital marketing will continually cut you significant cost. This solution is not a great idea to cut cost but it is your best option to establish your business since your clients are most likely to be most active online.

Challenge: Global servers do not function optimally in China

China has defined its own path in every industry. From online businesses to social media to the languages they operate in. Once you enter you realize that it’s a different world with an entirely different set of business values than what you are used to. You will have to come up with completely new strategies than what you are accustomed to.

Resolution: Work on your online visibility

Learn about the Chinese servers and host your website on them. You can hire agencies such as ours, MarsTranslation, which provides complete Chinese web localization solution. We will assist you in optimizing your SEO strategy will significantly improve your online visibility increasing your chances of making a mark in the Chinese digital market. Chinese search engines are entirely different from Google, the main search engine in China is Baidu. Our experts will assist you in building an SEO optimized strategy keeping in mind the consumer behavior, censorship considerations and cultural appropriation.