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What is the longest word in the world?


The longest word that I ever learnt with the correct spellings was floccinaucinihilipilification. By definition it is the act of assuming something as worthless. After coming across this word mentioned above (I won’t dare to type it again) I wondered if this was the longest word in the world. Thus I embarked on my not-so-adventurous journey to find out THE word. Just in case you have ever wondered the same this article has all the answers.

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The reason why you aren’t able to see the whole word here is because the real word contain 189,819 letters. This word is the full name for a human protein also known as titin. The original word takes nearly 4 hours to pronounce. The reason why this word is so ridiculously long is due to the nature of the field it belongs to. Ever noticed the chemical names for medicines? They are always a lot longer than widely used names. Such as Bismuth subsalicylate is more commonly known as bismol. This is the longest word in the whole world but unfortunately you won’t find it in a dictionary but it’s still a real word.


This Greek word first and probably the only time appeared in a play ‘assembly women’ by Aristophanes in 391 BC.  This word refers to a fictional fricassee that includes a rotten dogfish head, wood pigeon and a roasted head of little grebe (a water bird). Time to dig out some recipes, after all, who doesn’t like to eat rotten heads of animals).


This is the longest word in the world that made it to the dictionary. So technically, this word hold the crown for the largest official word. Although this word has also gained the reputation of being superfluous only to receive the title of the longest word. This word refers to a disease cause by silica dust inhalation eventually causing the inflammation of lungs.


This word is essentially the name of a species of flies that lives in Thailand. With a lifespan averaging at about eight days, we can only be happy about the fact that they’re not humans or they would spend half of their lifetimes learning the pronunciation of their name and other half while explaining it to others. Nevertheless, these tiny flies with huge names own the longest accepted binominal construction. What have you done in your life?

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This word is given to thyroid disorder. This condition is usually inherited. If either one of the parent has this condition there is a 50% chance that they will pass it on to their offspring. The 30 letter word makes it the second longest disorder to make it to a dictionary.

So now you know the stories behind the five longest words ever written in the history of mankind. I hope it made a fun read.