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What will a bad translation cost you?

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Today we are penning down this blog for our members so you can understand how your sales suffer through bad translations.

Website translation is a great way to increase your niche market, however, the benefits of a website translation are only applicable in case of a professional, high quality and culturally sensitive translation. Otherwise your website won’t only fail to gain new customers but also suffer a poor image.

Take your time while choosing your translators, remember, it is better not to have your website translated rather than putting up a poorly developed website for all your clients to see. In another blog we’d love to explain how to screen your translating options and what sources to consult before approving the content but before that, let’s have a look at what you risk when you have weak content to offer on your website.

Below are a few setbacks your business might face if your do not invest wisely in translation;

Bad translations will build a weak image:

As an avid customer you must understand how much the image matters. It is one of the deciding factors on whether or not you will choose to trust a company.  It is what companies spend a lot of resources on because it can take years to build a respectable repute. It’s almost unfair how minute mistakes can cost you a bad image for a long period of time. One of these mistakes include bad translation because your content is being read by native speakers who will quickly spot any mistakes your translators overlooked.

Investment in translation is supposed to be a brainy strategy which multiplies quickly but badly translated content is likely to do otherwise, you money is only going to go down the drain.

A bad translation of your company’s online content leaves a major impact on your clients. Bad translations become bad brand representation; you look unprofessional and clumsy to your clients which is clearly now the impression you want to leave.

The Secret lies in the Keywords:

Finding a perfect SEO optimized keyword is hard, even in your own language. But it is not impossible. There is a lot to be said for research and if done right, you can nail your keywords.

Did you think you could translate your current keywords in other languages? Good, that is the right way to go. However, awkward translations of your keywords can make it worse for your international marketing.

Keywords need to be used properly and in the right context. Researching local keyword metrics is essential when it comes to getting local consumers to find you.

Traffic on your website will be diverted to more suitable options:

You may be serving hundreds and thousands of international clients, but here’s the catch: when they come to your website, they want to feel connected with the company.

This is the reason why many of your competitors are now upping their game in their interactions with their clients. The clients want to connect with the companies on a personal level and they want to feel important. With several options available at a single click your clients are likely to switch to other options if they see the slightest bit of incompetence. Interrupted, inaccurate and forced translations do not engage clients and they lose interest.