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A complete and efficient Chinese website localization solution

We totally understand the pain of setting up your website for Chinese market along with your international presence. As a native Chinese language services company working since last two decades, we are helping our customers to launch their websites for Chinese market. Our complete solution includes following services in addition with professional Chinese translation.


Chinese Web Servers Hosting

International web servers fail to work optimally in China due to strict governmental regulations. This will either lead to blocking or extremely slow loading which will have a direct impact on your business. Our experienced team at MarsTranslation will set up your website on a Chinese web server in order to ensure high speed within China.

chinese website localization

Professional Chinese Translation

Our native translators understand the regional language differences in China. Your website will be translated in accordance to your target market. MarsTranslation offers translations that adapts the functionality, terminology and styling of a local Chinese website. Our content is culturally relevant and highly accurate in terms of translation.

chinese website localization

Localized Customer Support

First rule of effective communication is talk to your customers intheir native language. After website localization, we will not leave you alone. We will be a bridge between you and your customers for better communication. Our localized customer support will translate inquiries from your customers into your language and your replies into Chinese.

chinese website localization

Chinese Social Media and SEO

China is a separate planet inside. All your marketing efforts on Google, Facebook, twitter, Instagram have no impact for Chinese market. China has different social media, search and micro blog services and we are well aware of them. We also offer you to create social media accounts like WeChat and Weibo and Search Engine Optimization for Baidu (Chinese Search Engine). We also offer translation of all your marketing content so that you can promote it on Chinese platforms.

chinese website localization

On Demand Website Maintenance Services

We offer on demand website maintenance services which caters to all the updates, change in policy and ensuring appropriate censorship according to governmental regulations. An updated website will help you stay ahead of your competition.

chinese website localization